Nectar Botanicals



Nectar Botanicals is a small Australian family owned and operated business, located in Ipswich, Queensland. Our story began in October 2015 when my desire to personally create and hand make a luxurious yet affordable range of all natural, organic, gentle, nourishing, highly effective and environmentally friendly soaps and body products was launched at a local handmade market.For years I have become increasingly aware of what goes into the majority of personal care products that are on the market today and the toxic load they carry with them. It’s important to me to know that what my family and I are putting onto our skin isn’t harmful. To lovingly create such products, to share them with others and to do it all from home whilst still being a wife and a mum to my four fabulous boys brings me a great deal of joy.All Nectar Botanicals bath and body products are handmade using all natural, organic and botanical ingredients. We do not add any nasty ingredients. We love using glass, especially for products that are poured whilst still hot and our soaps are wrapped with minimal packaging.

Our delicious range of soaps are made using pure Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil castile soap and other all natural ingredients including essential oils, raw organic honey, herbs and spices, goats milk, fresh botanical ingredients, botanical extracts and pure coconut cream. Olive oil castile soap is a gentle soap with a low but creamy lather. This makes it especially good for dry, itchy, irritated or sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It helps to balance oil production in oily skin types and is mild enough for babies to use. We do not add anything artificial to our soaps and they do not contain palm oil.

I thank you for taking the time to read our story and sincerely hope you enjoy using Nectar Botanicals products as much as we do.

Annette x