If you have a business that fits with our Natural Skin Collective ethos and you would like to join our collective and gain exposure in this market then please submit a request to join here and we will review and get back to you within 48 hours.

Benefits to you:

  • Get the word out – access our audience and grow your tribe
  • Shout outs – social media posts promoting you and your label
  • It’s easy – recurring monthly payment means you can set & forget
  • Promote only your most popular products

In October of this year, I decided to join The Natural Skin Collection family. I had in the previous month, re-opened Nectar Botanicals, after having a period of four months closure. During the time my business was closed, I spent time working on myself and also putting a business plan together that I felt would help take some of the stress out of running a business from a home we’re renovating extensively, and also being Mum to four boys. Life had been very overwhelming and something had to change. I’m very passionate about all that I do. It was just a matter of finding ways to do things better.


Part of my new business plan involved no longer doing markets, but instead focusing more on online sales and having a handful of good quality stockists throughout Australia. Jo had approached me when she first launched The Natural Skin Collection, but this was when back in April when I was winding things down for close of business. During the months following this, I continued to follow The Natural Skin Collection on Instagram, and by the time I recommenced trade, I was keen to get back in touch with Jo and be a part of her beautiful and rapidly growing business platform – I loved all that The Natural Skin Collective represented.

What appealed to me most about having Nectar Botanicals showcased through The Natural Skin Collective, was the opportunity to be a part of a platform which I felt was the perfect fit for my business and it’s products and the audience and market it had the potential of reaching. Jo has done a beautiful job putting together, growing and supporting the collection of natural skin care businesses that make up The Natural Skin Collection. Jo has always been so helpful, professional, supportive and accommodating with all that she does and I am so glad I made the decision to be a part of what she does. Thank you Jo!
Annette Hague

Nectar Botanicals

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